As Paul Hanagan returned so we welcomed a new Jockey to Musley Bank this year.  Well he’s a Jock at any rate for Scotsman Alex Steedman from RUK joined us in February. Alex has been riding out most Monday’s and is working toward the Best Western Macmillan ‘RideOfTheirLives’ Charity Race at York on Saturday June 17th. It is a race Mrs Wrigley won with Extraterrestrial in 2013 before Peter followed up with a close 2nd the following year.

Alex is riding in memory of our much missed friend and Robin’s brother Tom O’Ryan so we’re keen to help him in any way we can. Don’t be surprised if you get a call for the loan of a horse soon! Certainly Alex has got himself fit and he’s grafting whenever he’s with us as well as at various yards down south where he lives. His journey is more than a six hour round trip with an overnight hotel thrown in so there’s no doubting his commitment to the cause. Lets hope we can give a good spin and maybe win the race again.

If you’d like to lend your support and make a donation then you can do so at