We have a little bit of festive cheer to share with you. Third Time Lucky has bee playing match-maker over the last few months.

We received an email from Rory back in September explaining that he and his girlfriend Sam had attended York races in July, the first time Sam had been. They decided to back Third Time lucky as they joked if they were to marry the name would be very fitting. Rory went one step further and said ‘if he wins I will ask you to marry me.’ He admits he didn’t think it very likely.

Well he won under apprentice Oakley Brown in the pouring rain and Rory told Sam he wanted to marry her but she deserved to be asked properly.

Rory then got in touch with us, telling us he had bought the ring and was planning the surprise. He asked us to get a video of Third Time lucky nodding his head, agreeing that if asked Sam should marry Rory.

Well we are delighted that Sam said yes!!

Glad we were able to help in some small way and we wish you every happiness.