Murtagh Gets Loose!! LET HER LOOSE

Murtagh Gets Loose 💪🍾!! LET HER LOOSE scores to make @murtagh_connor an apprentice no longer 🎆! Many congratulations to the Magic Man for this outstanding achievement 🌟!! Well done to The Up For Anything Syndicate for their win 💥! Thanks to Rolo Chowanski for leading up 💯 Related Images:

Strait and True!! STRAITS OF MOYLE

Strait and True 👉💨!! STRAITS OF MOYLE aka ‘Tiny Tim’ scythes up the stands rail to victory 🤍💫💜!! Fantastic to see him return to track in such fine fettle ✅️!! Very well done to the Cool Silk Partnership, Barry McHugh for a brilliant ride and to winning groom Matthew Dawson 🍾! A tremendous team success, […]

Friday 1st July 2022

Beverley 18:23 – White Mist 18:23 – Mrs Trump 19:53 – One More Try 20:23 – Let Her Loose 20:55 – Hart Of Kabeir Doncaster 14:45 – The Predictor 16:30 – Monsieur Kodi 17:00 – Absolute Dream Haydock 18:38 – Show Me Show Me 18:38 – Shark Two One 19:08 – Straits Of Moyle 20:40 […]